Activities in Suriname

Paramaribo is a delightful city to wander around or bike through. There are many beautiful wooden buildings from the colonial era. The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul also called Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral is the biggest wooden building of South America and the Caribbean. The Waterkant (‘Waterfront’) next to the Suriname river has been declared a world heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The Zeelandia fortress, the Presidential Palace and the Paramaribo Zoo are certainly worth a visit. You will also be fascinated by the sights, sounds and smells of the many colorful local markets.

Curious about Suriname’s wildlife? Take a combined sunset river cruise to spot dolphins and then to see sea turtles returning to their nesting grounds. At Braamspunt you can witness the enormous Leatherback sea turtles struggle ashore to lay their eggs. These animals are in danger of extinction but they are well protected in Suriname. Guards keep tourists at a safe distance. They also help newborn babies on their extremely dangerous first trip to the sea.

Experience more of Suriname’s nature, by booking a trip to the interior.  Spent some time lounging in the Suriname River, fishing for piranha or peacock bass, taking jungle tours, and even learning about the Maroon culture.

Maroons and Indigenous people live in relative isolation in the Surinamese rainforest. Several agencies organize tours to their settlements, which you can admire with mutual curiosity and respect.

Surinamese cooking is a major draw for foodies. The Surinamese kitchen is as varied as the country itself, offering dishes drawn from Chinese, Creole, European, Indian and Indonesian traditions. You will be bedazzled by the number of foreign restaurants, casinos, and a lot of nightlife that you see in Paramaribo.

And when you think you have seen it all (we can’t imagine) make a trip to the neighboring countries Guyana and French Guyana.
It is also possible to visit Caribbean islands by boat or airplane.

Suriname is the place to be if you enjoy a relaxing life!