Apartment info and rates

On the spacious grounds of the complex you will find 16 fully furnished apartments. Inspired by Suriname’s colorful biodiversity, each room is uniquely decorated with a typical Surinamese bird. Some of these birds are easily spotted in almost every yard and garden in Paramaribo.

Ranging from extremely elegant to cute and rustic interiors, we offer 1st Floor apartments, 2nd Floor apartments and our Luxury suites that we can’t get enough of.

All of our apartments feature fully airconditioned rooms and appliances such as a television, a telephone, a microwave oven, a fridge, a cooker, a water cooker, a sofa, and dining set. Perfect for solo travelers, couples and families.

Many tourists, voyagers, pensionados and Dutch students have already discovered how pleasant life in Suriname is. Making Martinus Apartments their home base has certainly helped them herewith.

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Our Rates are as followes

1st Floor Apartments

2nd Floor Apartments


  • Prices are included: breakfast, housekeeping, Wi-Fi and swimmingpool
  • Prices are excluded: Sales Tax 12%
  • Deposit for First and Secondfloor are Srd 250,- and Srd 500,- for the suite.